New book for toddlers features a gentle introduction to personal space and consent

New book for toddlers features a gentle introduction to personal space and consent

I Make Space, a new book from Governor General Literary Award-nominated author Sara Cassidy and illustrator Jimmy Tigani, is now available.

Inspired by the idea of teaching very young children how to maintain social distance, I Make Space demonstrates the concept of personal space and how to recognize your own needs and the needs of others—because everyone needs space sometimes, even the people that love us the most. 

Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, the concept of personal space has taken on new meaning. Social distancing, masks and isolation have changed the way that humans interact with each other, and these changes can be difficult for children to understand. I Make Space gently introduces them to the concept of space in many of its forms, from figurative space, such as making space to dream and rest their bodies, or literal space, such as making space on a parent’s lap to have a cuddle.

I Make Space could also be used as a starting point for discussions about consent and the importance of asking permission when entering another’s space. It teaches children about their own space and the importance of giving others space as well.

About the Author and Illustrator

Sara Cassidy is a journalist, editor and author of more than 15 books for young readers, including Genius Jolene, Kunoichi Bunny, The Moon is a Silver PondThe Sun is a Peach and Nevers, which was nominated for a Governor General Literary Award. Her poetry and short fiction have been widely published. She lives in Victoria.

After years of working as a designer in marketing for companies like Air Canada, CAE and Bombardier, Jimmy Tigani decided to take the leap into professional freelance illustration, a career that has always been his first love. Jimmy was initially trained as a traditional artist but continues to evolve and immerse himself in new mediums like 3D modeling. Jimmy lives in Montreal.

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