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Celebrated child psychologist Dr. Jillian Roberts releases new book for babies

My Promise, written by Dr. Jillian Roberts and illustrated by Slavka Kolesar, is available on October 18 from Orca Book Publishers. Written for children aged 0–2, this lovely book is a simplified version of Dr. Roberts’s 7-Point Parental Compass, which was developed to help families face the complex issues of …

Mantras for hope in a time of reconciliation: New children’s book from award-winning Indigenous author Monique Gray Smith

Monique Gray Smith was watching her own children when she was inspired to write her newest picture book, I Hope, available September 13. Smith was on a family vacation with her then 15-year-old twins when inspiration struck. “I kept thinking about all the hopes I had and have for them,” describes Smith. …

Read a Sample Chapter from Weird Rules to Follow

Prince Rupert is well known for rain and fishing. I’ve never known anything but. Like rain, salmon has always been a part of my life—in the ocean, on the stove, in the refrigerator or in my belly.

Most people say they like summer for the sun, but for coastal Natives, summer means one thing—salmon. The sockeye salmon season. It’s an important time of year because that is how most Native people earn their living. It’s also when we preserve our food for the winter.