Three Starred Reviews!

Three Starred Reviews!

We are delighted to share that we have received three new starred reviews from School Library Journal!

⭐️ “In this delightfully original nonfiction picture book… the readable text offers understandable science, while the engaging illustrations promote careful investigation. A valuable addition to science and nature collections. Highly recommended.” —School Library Journal

How do animals see the world? It turns out, very differently.

In this nonfiction picture book, a young girl and her baby sister’s outdoor adventure (hiking through the forest, picnicking in the grass and swimming in the ocean) is overseen by the local fauna. The way those animals view the girls is very different from how the girls see each other. Goats see far and wide in a panorama, whales don’t see color the way humans do and a high-soaring eagle’s sharp vision can clearly see a tiny mouse far below. Through clever illustrations and scientific prose, we are reminded that while we may see things differently, we all share this life together on planet Earth.

Who’s Looking? How Animals See the World , written by Carol Matas and illustrated by Cornelia Li, is a beautifully illustrated picture book suitable for readers aged three to five. Available now at your favorite bookstore or!

⭐️ “A profound, realistic story of a multiracial family returning to their rural home after a wildfire…This touching story provides much-needed insight into the effects of wildfires on humans and animals alike…This brilliantly written tale is a lovely introduction to the important topics of wildfires and animal sanctuaries for young readers. Great for animal lovers and children curious about nature.” —School Library Journal

On returning to their home after a massive wildfire, nine-year-old Jasmin and her seven-year-old brother, Hunter, thought the biggest surprise would be whether their fire-resistant house had survived.

Jasmin and Hunter did not expect to find an orphaned bear cub stuck in the neighbors’ well. Rescuing the tiny cub from the well was the easy part; now they need to care for it until the people from the bear-rescue sanctuary can make it safely through the fires to pick it up. The cub turns out to be exactly what one would expect of a wild animal—a huge handful!

This early chapter book from award-winning author Eric Walters and illustrated by Olga Barinova was inspired by the author’s visit to a wildlife sanctuary in Northern British Columbia. It tells the fictionalized story of a bear cub found by a family after the forest surrounding their home was destroyed by a wildfire.

Bear in the Family is the newest addition to the Orca Echoes line of books, suitable for readers aged six to eight. Available now in bookstores and!

⭐️ “Deas’s expressive artwork includes the colorful landscapes and flora of Sueño Bay’s forests, from bright greens and yellows in the daytime to subdued blues and grays at night and in the rain. Atmospheric, wordless pages pack a huge punch in this book’s emotional communication. The side effects of loneliness result in magic and danger in this satisfying, relatively self-contained third entry in the “Sueño Bay Adventures” series.” —School Library Journal

In the small village of Sueño Bay, famous for its mysterious crystals and legendary moon creatures, friends Ollie, Jenna, Sleeves and Kay are building a go-kart for the annual Fall Fair competition.

Living in the nearby hills are tiny moon creatures, the Hivers, who play a crucial role in the health of the local mushroom crop. But the Hivers’ important job is interrupted when Sleeves, the youngest of the group, stumbles upon them. Feeling left out of the go-kart project, Sleeves claims the Hivers as his loyal subjects and locks them away when he’s not around. Without the Hivers, the island’s mushroom crop starts to take a turn for the worse. Stories say that the last person who messed with the Hivers, the Hillside Hermit, was cursed to roam alone and never return to Sueño Bay. Is Sleeves destined to suffer the same fate or can he and his friends return balance to the island in time?

Hermit Hill, created by Mike and Nancy Deas, is the third book in the Sueño Bay Adventures series, following Shadow Island and Otter Lagoon. Available May 17th from!

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