Classroom Activity: International Women’s Day

Classroom Activity: International Women’s Day

March 8th is International Women’s Day, a day where we continue to push for a world free from gender bias and shine light on folks who are fighting for equality.

Looking for an activity to celebrate International Women’s Day with your class? We’ve created a free worksheet to help students spotlight someone who inspires them to fight for gender-based equality for everyone.

The worksheet offers students the chance to:

  • research a feminist role model
  • analyze the ways this person is making a difference
  • reflect on why this person inspires them
  • record the sources they used for the project.

Download the worksheet and see an already filled-out example below:

In our example we chose to spotlight Erinne Paisley, an activist, author of the PopActivism series and student at the University of Toronto. Erinne’s books—Can Your Smartphone Change the World?, Can Your Outfit Change the World? and Can Your Conversations Change the World?—are a twenty-first-century guide for students who want to create positive change.

In her books Erinne writes profiles on people who are using their platforms, both big and small, to change the world. These books are a great resource for students to use to find role models for their International Women’s Day spotlight worksheet.

Other helpful resources for students to use in their research:

Who inspires you on International Women’s Day?

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