Author Feature: Shane Peacock

Author Feature: Shane Peacock

#TuesdayTalk with Shane Peacock, author of Separated, one of The Seven Prequels.

Tell us a bit about your book.

Separated is my Seven Prequels novel, a middle grade novel that precedes Last Message in Seven (the Series) and Double You in The Seven Sequels. In the prequels, grandfather McLean is still alive, and he takes Adam with him on a trip to Sweden. Then, Adam gets lost in the streets of Stockholm and things get a little frightening and rather strange.

What was the catalyst for your story?

Orca and the authors of Seven (the Series) and The Seven Sequels thought it would be interesting to show the many, many readers of those series what life was like for our characters when their grandfather was still alive, and do so through a telling and exciting incident they shared with him.

What are the challenges of writing for or within a series?

The three series of Seven novels present unique challenges, since all our stories are interconnected.

What was your favourite book as a child?

I was a Hardy Boys fan because I liked mysteries and action, but I also became a fan of Charles Dickens, especially Oliver Twist, when I was quite young.

In your opinion, what makes a compelling story?

A compelling story has intrigue and meaning.

Does your book have a niche or specialty market? 

Separated and The Seven Prequels are for middle grade age group. My story tells about a 13-year-old being separated from a loved one in a big, foreign city. Many kids have the terrifying experience of being momentarily lost. They will almost all know the feeling!

Do you gravitate toward a certain genre or type of writing?

No, the story comes first for me, and then it fits into a genre. I’ve written books for adults, The Great Farini; picture books, The Artist and Me; YA books, Teen books, The Dark Missions of Edgar Brim; mysteries, The Boy Sherlock Holmes; adventures, romances, biographies … everything!

What types of conversations do you hope will come out of your book?

I think Seven (the series), The Seven Prequels and The Seven Sequels all deal with the importance of family. That’s hard to beat.

Tell us a little known or interesting fact about yourself.

I like malls.


Read more of Adam’s story in Last Message (Seven, the Series) and Double You (The Seven Sequels).


Shane Peacock, authorShane Peacock is an award-winning novelist, playwright, journalist and television screenwriter. His bestselling series for young adults, The Boy Sherlock Holmes, has been published in ten countries in twelve languages and has found its way onto more than forty shortlists. He enjoys reading, spending time with his kids, playing and coaching hockey, and visiting schools, conferences and festivals across North America to speak about reading and writing. Shane lives in the countryside north of Cobourg, Ontario. For more information, visit

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