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Standing Together Against Book Bans: A Q&A with award-winning author and activist Robin Stevenson

In recent years, there’s been a troubling increase in book bans and censorship across North America. Among the themes and genres most challenged are LGBTQ+ books. But many authors are fighting hard to get and keep their stories in the hands of young readers.

One such author is Robin Stevenson.

Q&A with Lights along the River author Pat Lamondin Skene

Inspired by the true story of electricity coming to Britt, Ontario, in January 1952, years after much of North America had already been connected to the grid, Lights along the River paints a picture of what small-town life was like for children seventy years ago when there were no electronic devices for entertainment.

Hear from author Pat Lamondin Skene on what it was like to write about her childhood memories and what she hopes readers will take away from her new picture book.