Author Feature: Frieda Wishinsky

Author Feature: Frieda Wishinsky

#TuesdayTalk with Frieda Wishinsky. Her novel, Camp Disaster, is on shelves now.

Tell us about your book.

Camp Singing Hills feels more like Camp Disaster to Charlotte. She’s not sure how can she survive two weeks there, especially with Madison who’s not only making the counselor’s life miserable but has everyone in the cabin scared of her snide remarks and nasty pranks. And then she targets Charlotte and life at camp becomes almost unbearable. Charlotte has to do something but what?

What was the catalyst for your story?

Many years ago, I was the counselor in a cabin of wealthy, spoiled 13 year olds.  I’ve never forgotten that miserable summer.

What was your favourite book as a child?

I loved fantasy. Books like Half Magic by Eagers were favorites. Funny thing is, I don’t write fantasy and I now like realistic books more.

In your opinion, what makes a compelling story?

I think a compelling story has a memorable main character caught up in a situation the reader can identify with and is written in a clear, fast-paced style.

Does your book have a niche or specialty market?

I think that any kid who has gone to camp or who has been the new kid at school should be able to identify with Camp Disaster.

Do you gravitate toward a certain genre or type of writing?

I love writing in a variety of genres.

What types of conversations do you hope will come out of your book?

I think that my readers will be able to take away some good life lessons from Camp Disaster, opening a dialogue about how to deal with someone who’s making your life miserable, how to cope with a new situation that feels out of your control and why are friends so important to help get you through life’s tough times.

Tell us a little known or interesting fact about yourself.

I’m passionate about travelling, gardens and chocolate.


Frieda Wishinsky, authorFrieda Wishinsky is the award-winning author of over sixty books for young people. She loves humor, history and exploring new ways to tell a story. Frieda was raised and educated in New York City, where she earned a BA in International Relations and a Master of Science in Special Education. Frieda’s books have been nominated for international awards, earned critical praise, and have been featured in magazines and newspapers around the world, including The London Times, The Observer and The New York Times. Frieda lives in Toronto, Ontario. For more information, visit

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