Vicki Delany on Adult Literacy and Rapid Reads

Vicki Delany on Adult Literacy and Rapid Reads

Vicki Delany (Canadian crime and mystery writer, and latest author in the Rapid Reads series) has contributed a stellar post about adult literacy and the Rapid Reads series to the Poisoned Pen Press blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Literacy (or lack thereof) is a serious problem in your country and mine. For many reasons there are adults out in the world who can’t read properly. Whether because they had undiagnosed learning disabilities at school, because English isn’t their first language, because they didn’t have teachers and parents who encouraged reading, they reached adulthood lacking what might be the most essential skill in the world today.

The ability to read.

Because they can’t read they face enormous difficulties. Government or legal documents are a minefield, most jobs are out of reach. Understanding a newspaper can be impossible.

Fortunately, anyone can learn to read. At any age or in any environment…”

Read the full post on the Poisoned Pen Press blog.

Learn more about A Winter Kill, by Vicki Delany. Coming April 2012 from Orca’s Rapid Reads series.

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