Two starred reviews for Riley Can’t Stop Crying!

Riley is inconsolable. He can’t stop crying and nothing is making him feel better. His sister, Regina, tries her best to help him figure out what’s wrong, but four-year-old Riley isn’t sure. It’s not his tummy, or his head, or the monsters under the bed. Regina and their dad try everything they can to make Riley smile, but nothing works until one day Regina has an idea. Maybe it’s Riley that is making Riley upset.

Regina knows what it feels like to be uncomfortable in her body, but she also knows that she’s pretty amazing and really good at a lot of things. So how can she help Riley see that he’s pretty amazing and really good at a lot of things? A charming story about a child’s search for his true self under the compassionate eye of his older sister.

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We’re so thrilled to share two new starred reviews for Riley Can’t Stop Crying!

“Boulay brings immense tenderness to both [Regina] and Riley’s journeys of discovery…Bray-Bourret’s quirky illustrations offer energy and lightness that balance the serious subject matter of gender identity…This picture book shows how we can give young children the freedom to be themselves.” Quill & Quire (Full review)

“Insightfully emotional…A poignant, purposeful depiction of a ­family learning to recognize,  confront, and heal internal struggles with self-love and self-worth. Children in need of encouragement will find comforting ­revelations about the value of individuality.”School Library Journal

Riley Can’t Stop Crying (March 16) is written by Stéphanie Boulay and illustrated by Agathe Bray-Bourret. You can pre-order it now from or your favourite bookstores and e-book retailers!

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