Teaching Resources from Orca

Teaching Resources from Orca

Did you know that Orca has FREE teaching resources available? Check out some of our new posters and activity guides!

Urgent Message from a Hot Planet Poster

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Print out this informative poster to give your students a step-by-step guide on how to spot fake news! And for more information, make sure to check out URGENT MESSAGE FROM A HOT PLANET by Ann Erikkson.

URGENT MESSAGE FROM A HOT PLANET is a nonfiction book for teens that outlines the science behind global heating and its root causes, provides ways to take action and honors the efforts of the millions of people from around the world working tirelessly to help the planet.

Olivia Wrapped in Vines Activity Sheet

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Anxiety is difficult for anyone to manage, especially children. This activity sheet for OLIVIA WRAPPED IN VINES helps introduce the concept of anxiety to children and presents healthy ways to cope with feelings of worry.

OLIVIA WRAPPED IN VINES by Maude Nepveu-Villeneuve and Sandra Dumais is a picture book about a young girl who imagines her anxiety as vines that grow around her body and make it hard to function.

How to Become and Accidental Activist Activity Sheet

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It’s never too early to become an activist! This excellent activity sheet for HOW TO BECOME AN ACCIDENTAL ACTIVIST will give kids the perfect introduction to activism and help inspire them to change to world!

HOW TO BECOME AND ACCIDENTAL ACTIVIST is a nonfiction book for middle-grade readers full of stories about inspiring activists who have accidentally changed the world. The activists profiled are a variety of ages and come from around the world.

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