Classroom Activity: Litter Bug Arts & Crafts

Classroom Activity: Litter Bug Arts & Crafts

In What Matters by Alison Hughes and illustrator Holly Hatam, a young boy picks up a single piece of litter. He doesn’t know it, but his small act has big consequences for the little critters whose path would have been blocked, for the grass that would have wilted and for the tiny stream that would have been clogged.

What Matters_Orca Book Publishers

The young boy in the story recycles the soda can. But did you know you can reuse materials that often end up in the trash as arts and crafts supplies? It’s easy and fun!

How to Make Litter Bugs:

  1. Find some scrap materials, either in your house or out in the world like the boy in What Matters. Just make sure any litter you pick up isn’t too dirty—use gloves if you aren’t sure.
  2. Use your imagination to put these scraps together and create some litter bugs!
  3. Give your litter bug a name.
  4. Recycle the materials you used once you’ve finished enjoying your craft.

Check out the examples of litter bugs below if you need some help getting your creative wheels turning.

Cork Litter-flies:

Cork Butterflies_No Time For Flashcards Blog

Image Credit: Pinterest

Plastic Octo-bottle:

Plastic Bottle Arts Project_ James & May Arts and Crafts Blog









Image Credit: James & May Arts and Crafts Blog

Critter Cans:

Critter Cans








Image Credit: Pinterest

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