Introducing Orca Anchor

Introducing Orca Anchor

Orca is thrilled to announce the launch of Orca Anchor, a new line of high-interest books at a low reading level (hi-lo) for teen readers.

Written specifically for teens reading below a grade 2.0 level, the line of books will be printed in Orca’s Ultra-Readable format to be more appealing to a wider range of reading levels and abilities, including readers with dyslexia.

With Orca Anchor, Orca remains committed to staying at the forefront of accessibility innovations in the publishing industry. As author Mary Jennifer Payne states:

“Stories are powerful. They have the power to engage, educate and heal. As a Special Education teacher, I work closely with many young people who struggle with reading. It’s critical not only that they are given the tools to learn to read, but that they are also introduced to stories that ignite within them the love of reading. As it is estimated that 20% of the general population has dyslexia, it is imperative that high-interest, accessible books for teens are readily available.”

All of Orca’s hi-lo books feature short chapters, simplified sentence structures, and increased spacing between words and lines to be more accessible for striving readers. They also boast fast-paced plots to keep readers’ interest.

In addition to Orca Anchor, Orca offers hi-lo novels in the Orca Currents line for readers ages 10 to 14 with a reading level between 2.0 and 5.0 and the Orca Soundings line for teens with a reading level between Grades 2.0 and 4.5.

 Praise for Orca Anchor books:

“A page-turning, terrifying, and ultimately satisfying contagion adventure in the world of high/low lit.”

Booklist on THE OOZE by Tash McAdam

“Payne effectively uses simple vocabulary and short chapters to tell a story that is full of suspense and intrigue and made even more accessible through the book’s physical design.”

Kirkus Reviews on GRAVE MESSAGE by Mary Jennifer Payne

“Short sentences, generous line spacing, and amped-up pacing combine to ease reluctant teen readers into this tongue-in-cheek caper.”

Kirkus Reviews on ONE LAST JOB by Sean Rodman

“Taut and gripping…From the first sentence, this compact, suspenseful title pulls reluctant readers in and never lets go.”

Kirkus Reviews on TRAPPED by Sigmund Brouwer

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