Grade 7 Students Commit to Reading and Charitable Giving

Grade 7 Students Commit to Reading and Charitable Giving

A few days ago we received an email from best-selling author Eric Walters, sharing the incredible project of a Grade 7 class from St. Joseph’s Elementary School in Cobourg, Ontario. Following a presentation by the Seven (the Series) authors in October 2014, teacher Lori Kendrick challenged her class to read 7 books in 7 months and raise $700 for The Creation of Hope. On May 7, her class completed the challenge!

Their fundraising efforts will support the Rolling Hills Residence in Kenya for a full week. From July 8—14, they will provide the food for all 55 children who live there, routine medical care, school supplies, the salaries of all the staff (driver, night watchman, cook, tutor, matron and caretaker) and the utilities for the building.

In addition to teaching the Grade 7 students about giving, compassion and the difference they can make in the world, the project also inspired the students to read and connect with the characters in the Seven (the Series) novels. Truly a win-win project!

As Lori Kendrick noted in a letter to Eric Walters, “The students also LOVED reading the seven books! They had the choice of any of the 14 books from the first 7 and the sequels. The students loved the connection between the characters and were constantly talking about them. They also enjoyed reading about local places such as Brimacombe and Nathan Philips Square in the books.”

Seven (the Series) is a collection of seven linked stories by seven bestselling Canadian authors;  The Seven Sequels follow the original characters on a second set of adventures.

The Creation of Hope currently supports over 400 orphans and impoverished children in the Mbooni district in rural Kenya. The organization’s projects include the Rolling Hills Residence, food distribution, clean water initiatives, high school and post-secondary placements, and additional community outreach. Learn more at

We love hearing about projects like this! Thank you to Lori Kendrick and her Grade 7 students for their dedication to The Creation of Hope and to reading, and to Eric Walters for sharing the news with us.

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