Earth Day: Growing Great Citizens

Earth Day: Growing Great Citizens

In honor of Earth Day, we have compiled a list of books with environmental themes that encourage growing great citizens.

Justine McKeen, Bottle Throttle by Sigmund Brouwer and illustrated by Dave Whamond


Justine McKeen: Bottle Throttle

by Sigmund Brouwer and illustrated by Dave Whamond

Justine’s worried about what plastic is doing to the environment and to her classmates, so she sets out to ban bottled water school-wide. But the new principal, Dr. Proctor, is a bit skeptical. Justine will have to convince him and her classmates if Project Bottle Throttle is going to succeed. Justine McKeen: Bottle Throttle is the seventh book in the popular Justine McKeen series.

Brouwer’s respect for the reader, as young as seven,…underlines that his character should not be taken at face value because what Justine says in the story about the environmental damage caused by plastic water bottles can be researched independently by the reader. Recommended.“—CM Magazine

The SUmmer We Saved the Bees by Robin Stevenson


 The Summer We Saved the Bees

by Robin Stevenson

Wolf’s mother is obsessed with saving the world’s honeybees, so it’s not too surprising when she announces that she’s taking her Save the Bees show on the road—with the whole family. Wolf thinks it’s a terrible plan, and not just because he’ll have to wear a bee costume—in public.

Stevenson seamlessly weaves the story of the bees with stepfamily relations, and communication.“—School Library Connection


Beach Baby by Laurie Elmquist and Elly MacKay


Beach Baby

by Laurie Elmquist and illustrated by Elly MacKay

A gentle, poetic lullaby for baby, filled with memories from a perfect day playing on the beach. A lyrical celebration of natural beauty and a soft, reassuring reminder for little ones being tucked into bed that fun and adventure will return with a new day.

Enchanting.“—Publishers Weekly, Starred


Who's In Maxine's Tree? by Diane Carmel Leger and Dariene Gait

Who’s in Maxine’s Tree

by Diane Carmel Léger and Darlene Gait

Maxine loves her giant tree in the Walbran Valley, but as she gazes at clearcuts from the car window, she worries. What if her tree is gone? Her family and friends trek through the old growth forest, and Maxine runs on ahead to check. Yes, her tree is there. She stands at its foot and listens, but it doesn’t make its special sound, “Keer, keer.” She will soon learn that “Keer, keer” is the sound a marbled murrelet (a mamu) makes. The mamu is an endangered seabird that flies far from the sea to nest in the high flat branches of the Sitka spruce. When a tree-climber confirms the presence of a mamu nest, Maxine’s tree will be safe forever.

The book displays a heart-felt deep-rooted concern for the environment.“—CM Magazine


Orca Footprints

Trash Talk by Michelle Mulder


Trash Talk

Moving Toward a Zero-Waste World

by Michelle Mulder

Humans have always generated garbage, whether it’s a chewed-on bone or a broken cell phone. Our landfills are overflowing, but with some creative thinking, stuff we once threw away can become a collection of valuable resources just waiting to be harvested. Trash Talk digs deep into the history of garbage, from Minoan trash pits to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and uncovers some of the many innovative ways people all over the world are dealing with waste.

A very compelling argument for conservation.“—Booklist

What's the Buzz? by Merrie-Ellen Wilcox


What’s the Buzz?

Keeping Bees in Flight

by Merrie-Ellen Wilcox

Whether they live alone or together, in a hive or in a hole in the ground, bees do some of the most important work on the planet: pollinating plants. What’s the Buzz? celebrates the magic of bees—from swarming to dancing to making honey—and encourages readers to do their part to keep the hives alive.
This eye-opening book is a call to action.“—Booklist


Deep Roots by Nikki Tate


Deep Roots

How Trees Sustain Our Planet

by Nikki Tate

Trees provide us with everything from food, fuel and shelter to oxygen and filtered water. Deep Roots celebrates the central role trees play in our lives, no matter where we live. Each chapter in Deep Roots focuses on a basic element—water, air, fire and earth—and explores the many ways in which we need trees to keep us and our planet healthy and livable.

A solid foundation, a taproot to appreciating the incredible diversity and contribution of trees to our everyday lives.“—Kirkus Reviews

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