Conservation Canines starred review!

Conservation Canines starred review!

With their precise sense of smell, their hardworking temperament and their ability to bond with humans, dogs increasingly lend their paws and noses to fixing some of the most complex environmental problems on the planet. What kinds of dogs does it take to help wildlife? What kind of training do they go through? Who are the people who work with these special dogs? What do those people do and what difference do they make for wildlife?

In Conservation Canines: How Dogs Work for the Environment, author Isabelle Groc shares stories of dog encounters in the field and examples of canines working to conserve wildlife. Meet brave Anatolian shepherd dogs protecting farmers’ livestock against cheetah attacks and Maremma dogs guarding penguins from foxes. Learn how rescue dogs sniff out orca poop in the ocean and how highly focused canines can detect rare frogs hiding in wetland tunnels. The story of these conservation canines celebrates the profound and ancestral human–animal bond and gives hope and inspiration for finding new ways for people to successfully co-exist with wildlife.

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We’re thrilled to share that Conservation Canines has received a starred review from Booklist!

“Comprehensively detailed… robust and engaging. Sure to be a hit with both children writing reports and those who enjoy books about animal companions and adventurous work. A must for school and public libraries.”Booklist

The full review was published in the August 1, 2021 issue of Booklist.

Conservation Canines is written by Isabelle Groc and comes out September 14, 2021. It is the newest book in the Orca Wild series, which travels over land, underwater and through the air to meet the animals who live in our world. The books challenge us to think about our relationships, both good and bad, with vulnerable species and habitats.

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