Children’s yoga book teaches kids how to manage big emotions

Children’s yoga book teaches kids how to manage big emotions

As children adjust to being back in the classroom for a new school year, they may be working through stress and other big emotions related to COVID-19 and the return to in-person learning. 

When I Feel by Kathy Beliveau, out this week, aims to help manage growing levels of stress in young people by offering effective yoga and breathing practices that teach children to embrace healthy ways of acknowledging their feelings.

Children, just like adults, may not be able to help having overwhelming feelings, but they too can learn tools to regulate them. Practicing yoga is known to have a positive physiological effect on practitioners of all ages and abilities. Kathy Beliveau’s rhythmic text will engage young readers and support early literacy skills while the photography (Jesse Holland) layered with illustrations (Julie McLaughlin) will show readers each pose in a playful way.

When I Feel is an excellent resource for preschool-aged children who are guided by an adult or grade-school readers who are learning independently. The book includes information at the end about how the specific poses featured affect our bodies when practiced.

Based on Vancouver Island, Beliveau is a certified yoga instructor who has studied yoga for children and yoga safety. She is the author of The Yoga Game picture-book series (Simply Read) and co-author of the Strong Nations Yoga Cards.

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