Author Feature: Dr. Jillian Roberts

Author Feature: Dr. Jillian Roberts

#TuesdayTalk with Dr. Jillian Roberts. Dr. Jillian’s first title in the Just Enough series, Where Do Babies Come From? Our First Talk About Birth, launched on October 13, 2015.

What prompted you to write the Just Enough series?

I was worried about how the internet was providing children with easy access to inappropriate material. Children need to have strong connections with their parents in order to navigate the challenges of the internet age. The books in the Just Enough series are meant to help parents develop this bond and talk about difficult subjects.

What do you hope readers can take away from your book?

The books in the Just Enough series are about difficult subjects like conception, death and divorce. I have dealt with these challenging topics for many years as a practicing child psychologist and professor. I would like to offer the best of what I have learned to be true and wise with my readers.

What’s the least glamorous part about being a writer? And the most glamorous?

Books are the result of many, many hours of hard thinking and hard work. It requires a person to synthesize many different ideas and to articulate these ideas carefully. There is little glamour in this hard work. The glamour comes from the excitement of finally getting to share your ideas.

Do you have any unique hobbies or pastimes?

I spend part of my year (the summers) on Prince Edward Island. On PEI, I have a small potato farm. I collect gemstones. I study languages on Duolingo. And, I have a Scottish Deerhound!

What’s your favorite season and why?

I love the autumn. The colours, scents, sounds of autumn intrigue me. Also, it is the time that children return to school. Another chapter opens for children and with that comes many new experiences and opportunities.

When you hit writer’s block, how do you push through it?

I let my brain rest. When I have more energy, I try again.

Anything else you’d like readers of the Orca blog to know about you or your book?

Reading to children is a beautiful thing. Read as much as you can to the little people in your life!

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Dr. Jillian Roberts is a Child and Adolescent psychologist who specializes in children’s development and well-being. She is also a professor of educational psychology at the University of Victoria. Her bestselling app Facts Of Life is designed to help children understand where babies come from in an interactive, wholesome and fun way. For more information, visit

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