Author Feature: Arthur Slade

Author Feature: Arthur Slade

Prince Conn will never be king. And that’s just fine with him. He’s ninth in line for the pirate throne and is quite happy to sail the skies in his airship with his crew of cheery misfits, plundering as they go. But one by one his siblings are being murdered, in tragic fires, violent cannon attacks or mysterious poisonings. Soon all fingers are pointing toward Conn as the mastermind. To prove his innocence, Conn must make his way to Skull Island, navigating his airship through a gauntlet of villains, explosions and betrayals. Can he reach his father’s kingdom before it’s too late? Or will he suffer the same fate as the rest of his family?

Where did your inspiration for Death by Airship come from?

My inspiration came from reading far too many pirate novels when I was a kid.

What’s the best surprise you had in the process of writing this book?

That I can naturally talk like a pirate. But no one understands me. Except for my dead parrot.

Do you know who you would want to play your protagonist in a movie?

Arnold Schwarzenegger, though he is far too old. But I’d love to hear him try to talk like a pirate.

What was your favorite book when you were your protagonist’s age?

The Lord of the Rings

What question would you pose to readers of your book?

Would you like to be thirteenth in line for the pirate king throne?

Which other authors would you recommend to readers or teachers?

Eric Walters, Kenneth Oppel and Marsha Skrypuch

What types of conversations do you hope will come out of your book?

That reading and adventure go hand in hand!

Death by Airship is available now!

Arthur Slade is a Governor General’s Award-winning author of many novels for young readers. Raised on a ranch in the Cypress Hills of Saskatchewan, Arthur now makes his home in Saskatoon. For more information, visit

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