Author Feature: Michelle Mulder

Pocket Change: Pitching in for a Better World

#TuesdayTalk with Michelle Mulder. Her new middle grade nonfiction book, Pocket Change: Pitching In for a Better World, is on shelves now!  What was the catalyst for your story? A few years ago, I was working on a book about waste and how people avoid creating it, or even use other people’s garbage to create wonderful, new things. As I wrote that book, I thought a lot about how what we buy affects the planet, and I started looking around for people committed to buying less. I loved the stories I came across, and that’s […]

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Audio Books as a Literacy Tool

Reading aloud to children is widely accepted as the single most important activity in language acquisition. But not all kids get this at home. As teachers, you have no power over what your students are exposed to before they land in your classroom. What you can do is provide them with activities that will replicate the benefits of read aloud in early childhood. One activity that provides these benefits and more is listening to an audio book. Listening to an audio book can be an experience shared by all of your students regardless of reading […]

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Mason Jar Aquarium

There’s a whole watery world beneath the surface of the sea. To begin deep sea explorations with your little ones, try this make-your-own aquarium craft found on hello, Wonderful. What you’ll need: 1. Mason jars 2. Blue food coloring 3. Filtered water (tap water tends to give a cloudier look) 4. Aquarium plastic figurines 5. Aquarium rocks and plastic plants (you can buy these at any fish or pet stores) 6. Blue and white glitter (optional) 7. Glycerin (optional – this makes the glitter move more slowly when you shake the jar) Now, once you […]

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Diwali and the Dirty Wall Project

Diwali by Rina Singh

Travel gives us the opportunity to explore the history and culture of other countries, and we often return home with altered perspectives. This is what happened to Kane Ryan, a Canadian traveler who became fascinated by India on his stay in the country. After a poignant visit at a Chennai orphanage, Kane knew he wanted to help impoverished children. He raised four thousand dollars before returning to India and founding the Dirty Wall Project. This program, composed entirely of volunteers, helps poor communities with school fees, medical needs and building projects. They also fund events […]

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Author Feature: Natasha Deen

Across the Floor by Natasha Deen

#TuedayTalk with Natasha Deen. Her novels Across the Floor and Lark Holds the Key are on shelves now! Tell us a bit about your books. My first book, Across the Floor, is about a football player must take a contemporary dance class in order to stay on his team, and Lark Holds the Key is about twins, Lark and Connor, who have to step in to save the day when the town librarian loses the key to the library. What was the catalyst for your stories? Across the Floor came about because of a hilariously-gone-wrong […]

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Author Feature: Richard Van Camp

We Sang You Home by Richard Van Camp and illustrated by Julie Flett

#TuesdayTalk with Richard Van Camp. His new board book, We Sang You Home, is on shelves now! Tell us a bit about your book. We Sang You Home is my fourth board book. This is every parent to be’s wish, prayer and song: that Baby arrives safely and in a good way.. What was the catalyst for your story? I wanted to add to my three books with a new song for babies and a reminder of how sacred each child is. I do believe in the power of prayer and I love the idea […]

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