Tom Ryan’s Biggest Publishing Surprise

Tom Ryan’s Biggest Publishing Surprise

A Friday treat!

Author Tom Ryan’s first book, Way to Go, will be released this spring, and he has put together a fantastic vlog (video blog) documenting some of the surprises he encountered along the road from manuscript to finished book. (And yes, he dresses up as his book!)

About Way to Go: Danny thinks he must be the only seventeen-year-old guy in Cape Breton—in Nova Scotia, maybe—who doesn’t have his life figured out. His buddy Kierce has a rule for every occasion, and his best friend Jay has bad grades, no plans and no worries. Danny’s dad nags him about his post-high-school plans, his friends bug him about girls and a run-in with the cops means he has to get a summer job. Worst of all, he’s keeping a secret that could ruin everything.

After the video, visit Tom’s website at or read an excerpt of Way to Go.

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