The Prisoner of Snowflake Falls visits Vancouver’s Books to Cooks

The Prisoner of Snowflake Falls visits Vancouver’s Books to Cooks

What a great venue for a book launch!

John Lekich will launch his new new novel, The Prisoner of Snowflake Falls, at Vancouver’s Books to Cooks on Friday, May 11, at 6:00pm.

The Prisoner of Snowflake Falls follows fifteen-year-old Henry Holloway. Henry isn’t immoral, he’s just hungry. His mother died when he was nine, leaving him to be raised by his Uncle Andy and his friends, all amiable small-time crooks. When Uncle Andy is sent to prison, Henry takes up residence in an abandoned tree house in order to escape the notice of Social Services. His mission? To survive on his own while preserving his cherished independence. Fortunately, Henry possesses all the skills it takes to be a successful house burglar.

Henry is an unusually resourceful and considerate burglar—often tidying up the places he robs—until he’s caught. The terms of his probation? He must live with the Wingates, a strange family in a small town called Snowflake Falls.

Henry is just getting used to his temporary family when the newly liberated Uncle Andy and his criminal friends draw him into a plan to rob the citizens of Snowflake Falls. Will Henry be loyal to his uncle or will he break with the past and do the right thing? You’ll have to come to the book launch (and get your hands on a copy!) to find out.

In a recent review, the Toronto Star said, “Dry humour, a slightly insane imagination and a highly personable hero make Lekich’s new novel wholly refreshing….Delightful.”

We hope you’ll come out to the launch to meet John and celebrate his new novel. Signed copies of The Prisoner of Snowflake Falls will be available for purchase. This event is free; please call 604-688-6755 to RSVP.

You can also visit the book’s dedicated website for learn more about John and to read an excerpt of The Prisoner of Snowflake Falls.

Book Launch Details: 
WHO: John Lekich and The Prisoner of Snowflake Falls
WHERE: Books to Cooks, 1740 West 2nd Avenue (half a block east of Burrard)
Vancouver, British Columbia (604-688-6755)
WHEN: Friday, May 11, at 6:00pm

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