Director of Lincoln Park Zoo’s Urban Wildlife Institute “buzzing” about Nicholas Read’s City Critters

Nicholas Read’s new Spring 2012 title, City Critters: Wildlife in the Urban Jungle, was mentioned in this week’s “Culture Vultures” recommendations list in the Chicago Reader! In the column, Seth Magle, director of the Lincoln Park Zoo’s Urban Wildlife Institute said, 

“I recently read an advance copy of City Critters and was very impressed with how well it balanced in-depth information about urban wildlife with a conversational tone and relevant examples from most major U.S. cities, including Chicago. The book manages to be unique without being overly sensational and is replete with factoids—I learned some new tidbits, and I have a PhD in this field! It has a little something for everyone, from younger kids newly interested in nature to teens and adults who may want to delve deeper into the causes of and solutions to conflicts between humans and wildlife.

The issues surrounding urban wildlife go far beyond complaints about raccoons in the garbage or seagulls plaguing picnickers, and City Critters conveys that without getting too academic. Many animals’ survival is contingent upon their ability to thrive in proximity to people, and we need resources like this to pass that message on.”

You can check out the full article on the Chicago Reader website. Learn more about City Critters and order your own copy on the Orca Book Publishers website.

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