9781459800687Spring is the time of year that snow melting from the mountains and extra rain flows into the Fraser River and causes the water level to rise. And that’s exactly what happened in 1948, when Flood Warning, the new chapter book by Jacqueline Pearce, takes place. The main character, Tom, wants to help build the dykes with his dad and the other men, but instead, he has to go to school and then help his mom on the family farm. He’s sure his favourite radio hero, the Lone Ranger, wouldn’t stick around home. But when the family’s dairy cows are in danger, Tom gets called on to be a real-life hero.

Find out more about the story and the events that inspired it on Jacqueline Pearce’s blog and leave a comment to be entered in a draw for the book and a Lone Ranger DVD (draw June 15, 2012).

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