Author Feature: Holly Bennett


In Casting Lily, fourteen-year-old Ava is thrilled when she lands a part in a play based on the true story of orphans sent to Canada in the 1800s to work on farms. But is she good enough to hold her own in a professional production? As the rehearsal pressures crank up, Ava struggles with her character, with the vocal demands of outdoor theater and with the annoying ego of her castmate Kiefer. But as she learns more about the historical Lily on which her part is based, things begin to fall into place. Then one […]

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Author Feature: Monique Polak

Passover: Festival of Freedom by Monique Polak

#TuesdayTalk with Monique Polak. Monique’s titles, Passover: Festival of Freedom, Legging Revolt and Forensics Squad Unleashed, are on shelves now! Tell us about your books. My first new book, Passover: Festival of Freedom, looks at the history of Passover. I’ve always been interested in the Holocaust (my mom is a survivor of a Nazi concentration camp), and I wanted to look at what Passover means to Holocaust survivors, and their memories of Passover because tragedy struck their lives. This book allowed me to explore that. My second book, Leggings Revolt, is about a group of […]

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Author Feature: John Wilson

Lost by John Wilson

#TuesdayTalk with John Wilson. His new book, Lost, is on shelves now. Tell us about your book. My latest book is Lost, in the Orca Currents series. For the third time, Sam and Annabel pit their wits against the fabulously wealthy and unscrupulous collector, Humphrey Battleford. When they win a cruise to the Canadian Arctic, Sam and Annabel find themselves close to the shipwreck that might hold the answer to the 170 year old mystery of what happened to the Franklin Expedition, but the situation is not as it seems. If the answer does lie […]

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