Woman with a pomegranate: the story behind Rossetti’s portrait


Author Melanie Jackson talks about her new novel, Death Drop: In his famous portrait of Persephone, Dante Gabriel Rossetti shows the young woman of myth having just taken a bite out of a pomegranate. Persephone’s gloomy, brooding expression conveys that she knows quite well she should have left the delicious red fruit alone. After all, she had been warned the fruit had a spell on it. Now there will be—well, Hades to pay. She’ll have to go live with the god of the underworld. But hey, maybe it was a hot day. And bittersweet pomegranates […]

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Guest Post: Ron Lightburn

Waiting for the Whales by Sheryl McFarlane and illustrated by Ron Lightburn

The 25th anniversary edition of Waiting for the Whales, written by Sheryl McFarlane and illustrated by Ron Lightburn, is on shelves now at your local bookstore. Throughout my illustration career I have never believed in imposing one art style on every project. I’ve been fortunate to have the facility to adapt my approach to the needs of the project, be it a picture book, book cover, magazine article, poster or advertisement. I’m no different from art directors who vary their choice of layouts and font styles for the books they design. I’m probably best known to the […]

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