The adventures continue…

The adventures continue…

54With over 100,000 copies sold in its first year, Seven (the series) has seen incredible success. We’re delighted to announce that The Seven Sequels are slotted for publication in October 2014.

New secrets will be brought to light…

passportWhen a visit to their grandfather’s cottage leads to the astonishing discovery of a hidden cache of passports and foreign currency, the grandsons from the bestselling Seven (the series) begin to suspect that their beloved grandfather was a spy, or even worse, a double agent. Determined to unearth the true story of their grandfather’s mysterious past, the seven cousins set off on seven new adventures that will take readers from the depths of the Carribean sea to the top of the London Eye.

sevenboxsetRead One. Read them all. YOU choose the order.

“Readers can look forward to Richard Scrimger’s sense of humour, Norah McClintock’s sense of mystery, John Wilson’s take on history, Shane Peacock’s dark plotting, Eric Walters’ character-building challenges, Ted Staunton’s musicality, and Sigmund Brouwer’s problem-solving strategies to enrich the tales. Definitely a series for all readers.”  — CanLit for Little Canadians blog

Seven in schools…For a recent grade seven class project, students created  Seven (the series) trailers for an individual book of their choice.

“My students are loving the series and this year our goal is to create book trailers for great Canadian books…..these books truly inspired them.”

Here are a few of the finished projects. We think they turned out great!

Jump Cut By Nathan:

Devil’s Pass by Brianna:

Between Heaven and Earth by Bryce:

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