A starred review for City Baby!

A starred review for City Baby!

Bustling streets, lively squares and busy restaurants are baby’s playground when they are in the big city. So much to see and do as baby’s stroller navigates the crowded avenues or baby takes a break in a quiet park to blow bubbles and chase pigeons. Ashley Barron’s paper-collage illustrations are a joy to behold, bringing energy and life to this delightful board book. Rhyming verse from Laurie Elmquist takes the reader on a journey through a festive big city.

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Today, we’re celebrating a starred review for City Baby!

★ “While the spare text is developmentally perfect for children, the illustrations elevate this offering with entrancing collages in a vivid palette. A first purchase for all libraries.School Library Journal

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City Baby is written by Laurie Elmquist and illustrated by Ashley Barron. You can find it at your favorite bookstores or orcabook.com!

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