Spelling is Hard

Spelling is Hard

Spelling is hard. And English words rarely sound as they spell which makes it even more complicated. But we have an easy-to-make and on-the-run way for teachers and caregivers to get kids to practice their spelling. 3 things are required for it:

  1. Sand — it can be kinetic sand, which is more easily malleable and stays in place better.
  2. An old pencil case
  3. Flashcards with words for kids to spell.

Making this fun practice tool is easy. Simply put the sand in the bottom of the pencil case. Kids practice spelling and reading the words on the flashcards in the sand. Want to challenge your kids? Say the word for them to spell instead of giving them flashcards.

We Sang You Home by Richard Van Camp and illustrated by Julie FlettLooking for actual books for you kiddos to practice reading with? We have some great new books for all ages!

First, there is the sweet and lyrical board book We Sang You Home from Richard Van Camp and Julie Flett, a gentle rhythmic text that captures the wonder new parents feel as they welcome baby into the world. A celebration of the bond between parent and child, this is the perfect song to share with your little ones.In the Red Canoe by Leslie A. Davidson and illustrated by Laura Bifano

Next, travel along the river with Ducks and frogs, swallows and dragonflies, beaver lodges and lily pads—in this tender, beautifully illustrated picture book. A tribute to those fragile, wild places that still exist, In the Red Canoe celebrates the bond between grandparent and grandchild and invites nature lovers of all ages along for the ride.

What Matters by Alison Hughes and illustrated by Holly HatamAnd learn about the environment and what happens when one small boy picks up one small piece of litter. He doesn’t know it, but his tiny act has big consequences. From the miniscule to the universal, What Matters sensitively explores nature’s connections and traces the ripple effects of one child’s good deed to show how we can all make a big difference.


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