We’re Dreaming of Salamanders and Summer

We’re Dreaming of Salamanders and Summer

Winter seems to be sticking around–here on the West Coast we’re up to our ankles in snow (something we’re not used to!). So we’re turning to books about summer to remind us that the cold will end soon.


We’ve got Pamela McDowell‘s Salamander Rescue open right now, reading about Cricket McKay and her animal-saving, environmental-friendly initiatives. Cricket has lived in Waterton all her life, so she is surprised to discover an animal she hasn’t seen before: the long-toed salamander. She finds a band of them migrating from the pond to their hibernation grounds at Crandell Mountain. Crossing the road that lies between the pond and the mountain is dangerous enough, but now a newly-constructed curb makes their journey even more challenging. Can Cricket and her friends come up with a solution to help the salamanders? Salamander Rescue is the second book featuring Cricket and friends, following Ospreys in Danger. And don’t miss Bats in Trouble, the upcoming Cricket McKay novel, out in October 2017.

And we’re pairing this book with a critter-friendly craft, and creating our own fleet of (want-to-be) salamanders.

What you’ll need:

  • Leftover paper scraps
  • Clear gems
  • A small tin
  • Scissors
  • Small googly eyes
  • Some strong clear glue
  • You’ll also need scrapbook paper and ribbon to decorate your tin
  • Glitter / glitter glue
  • Magnets (optional)

The craft:

Step 1. Put glue onto the bottom of the gem and stick the desired pattern of paper to it. Press down so the glue spreads evenly along the surface

Step 2. Let the glue dry.

Step 3. Using scissors, cut around the gem, trimming off the extra paper.  Glue on the googly eyes.

Step 4. Decorate using glitter.

Step 5. Glue magnets onto the back so they can scurry around your fridge! (optional)


Craft idea and images from: www.makinglifeblissful.com

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