Author Feature: Lisa Bowes

Author Feature: Lisa Bowes

#TuesdayTalk with Lisa Bowes, author of Lucy Tries Luge, the first book in the Lucy Tries Sports series.

Lisa, what are some of the benefits of writing for young children?

It enables me to engage with young readers at book signings and school visits! They are so much fun and they always give me great insight about what they like about Lucy and what she should try next.

Was there a research component to the Lucy Tries Sports series?

Definitely! I have covered sports for many years as a broadcaster but for a picture book I needed to understand how a sport is taught to young children. I also had early manuscripts vetted by Olympians and coaches. It’s very important to me that we stay “true” to what makes each sport unique! I’d also like to acknowledge HIGH FIVE for its principles of early children development in this series.

Is there an important issue or theme in the Lucy books?

Before I became a sports broadcaster, I studied Kinesiology, so I’m extremely passionate about engaging children to stay active! By doing so, we can make a difference and ensure that our future generations are leading healthy, active lives. I truly hope that through Lucy, children will learn about sport and be encouraged to try new activities.

 When you hit writer’s block, how do you push through it?

I go for a walk or talk to a friend about what I’m trying to accomplish.

Anything else you’d like readers of the Orca blog to know about you or your book?

I sincerely hope that Lucy’s “stay active” message will strike a chord with parents/teachers and librarians as I believe its so important (especially in today’s electronic world) that we get our children moving and moving early!

Lisa Bowes


Lisa Bowes has been recognized across Canada for her work as a sports reporter, live host, anchor, play-by-play announcer and producer. While working for CBC, she was nominated for a Gemini Award for best writing in an information program or series.

At the Vancouver Olympic Winter Games, Lisa was CTV’s host/reporter for women’s hockey. For more information, visit

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