Why I Do Author Visits

Judith Graves 2

The following post is written by author Judith Graves. I love doing author visits to schools and public libraries. They are the highlight of my writing life. Usually, my writing days consist of hours sitting at my desk, typing on my laptop or reading through research materials. I may or may not still be in my flannel PJs. I might consume a few pots of coffee. And certainly I’d make time to hang out with my three crazy dogs. These are hard-working days. They’re fun at times and frustrating at others—especially if my characters aren’t […]

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Author Feature: Holly Bennett

Drawn Away by Holly Bennett

What image/scene/character did you start this book with? This doesn’t often happen to me, but the first scene actually did come to me almost as if I was watching a movie. Dare I admit I was driving at the time? I came home, wrote it down, and it stuck. Finding the rest of the story took a whole lot longer! What kind of research did you do for your book? I did some research about Hans Christian Andersen’s life and times. I also needed to find out something about the life of the lower classes […]

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Happy Family Literacy Day!!

Family Literacy Day

Happy Family Literacy Day! Books and family seem a perfect segue into the weekend, setting us up for relaxing and cozy days in this chilly January. And how’s that to-be-read pile? Do you have enough books for your kids and for you, so you can read when they’re (finally) tucked into bed. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there. Books for Bedtime What Matters Written by Alison Hughes and illustrated by Holly Hatam Teach your children about environmentalism and why little actions matter with this charming picture book. Follow along with what happens when one […]

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Author Feature: Gabrielle Prendergast

Pandas on the Eastside by Gabrielle Prendergast

#TuesdayTalk with Gabrielle Prendergast. Her new novel, Pandas on the Eastside, is on shelves now! Tell us a bit about your book. Pandas on the Eastside is a historical middle grade fiction set in the downtown east side of Vancouver in the early 1970s. What was the catalyst for your story? My daughter was talking about pandas one day and she said something about the Eastside and I thought that sounded interesting, so it went from there. I decided to use the real life arrival of Ling Ling and Hsing-Hsing What was your favourite book […]

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Author Feature: Eric Howling

Gang Tackle by Eric Howling

#TuesdayTalk with Eric Howling. His novel, Gang Tackle , is on shelves now. Tell us a bit about your book. Gang Tackle is my sixth sports novel and the third time I’ve used high school football as a backdrop. At its heart, Gang Tackle is the story of how a team rises up to take down their racist and demeaning coach. Let me say right up front that most coaches are nothing like Coach Roland Fort. They’re selfless, hard working, put-the-team-first leaders and mentors. But a mean, bad-mouthing authority figure was what the story needed […]

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Author Feature: Natasha Deen

Across the Floor by Natasha Deen

#TuedayTalk with Natasha Deen. Her novels Across the Floor and Lark Holds the Key are on shelves now! Tell us a bit about your books. My first book, Across the Floor, is about a football player must take a contemporary dance class in order to stay on his team, and Lark Holds the Key is about twins, Lark and Connor, who have to step in to save the day when the town librarian loses the key to the library. What was the catalyst for your stories? Across the Floor came about because of a hilariously-gone-wrong […]

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