Author Feature: Laura Langston

Stepping Out by Laura Langston

#TuesdayTalk with Laura Langston. Her new novel, Stepping Out, is on shelves now! Tell us about your book. Fifteen-year-old Paige Larsson loves to laugh. She likes it even more when others laugh with her. As a YouTube comedy vlogger, laughter is Paige’s currency in life. It eases the pain of nasty comments, agonizing moments in gym class and awkward pauses at parties. Now Paige is about to step out of her comfort zone and compete in the prestigious International Teens in Comedy festival. Winning will give her the opportunity to work with some of the […]

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A Space Apart – Guest Post by Author Patricia McCowan


A guest post from Orca author Patricia McCowan, whose first novel, Honeycomb, part of the Limelights series, will be released this September 2014.  A Space Apart There’s a certain magic to the spaces where performing artists work. Not just on stage, where bright lights, an audience and performers’ adrenalin combine to charge the atmosphere. When I was an actor, I loved being in rehearsal halls and backstage spaces almost as much as being on the stage. While writing Honeycomb, I loved researching and then imagining myself in the creative spaces where my protagonist, Nat, and […]

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Launching Baygirl

Baygirl Books

A guest post from Heather Smith about planning her first book launch and incorporating Maritime culture into an event held in Ontario   Objects can be launched in many different ways. They can be thrown, flung, shot, hurled, even catapulted, all with varying degrees of force.  But when it came to launching my debut novel, Baygirl, I wanted to set it into motion gently, like one would a boat, nudging it forward till it’s taken by the current and carried away to distant places. A fitting image, as Baygirl is set in my home province […]

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Write On! Catherine Austen visits Ottawa Teen Author Fest

Find out what it takes to write like a pro from a panel of published authors. Catherine Austen, author of last year’s award-winning dystopian teen fiction title All Good Children, will be part of a YA discussion panel in Ottawa as part of Teen Author Fest. Catherine will be answering questions with YA authors Lesley Livingston and Max Turner. The panel is a free public event for young writers. Event Details: Wednesday, October 24, 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Ben Franklin Place, The Chamber, 101 Centrepointe   See all Ottawa Teen Author Fest events here. […]

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