Author Feature: Judith Graves


In Infiltrate, the sequel to Exposed, Raven is once again fighting for the underdog. When a desperate wave of teen suicides threatens to overwhelm her school, Raven does some digging and learns that all of the victims have one thing in common: issues with anxiety. With help from Team Retribution, Raven links the deaths to an unauthorized drug trial at a shady medical center. To find out more, she goes undercover, but things quickly get out of her control. Soon she’s not sure what is real and what is a drug-induced fantasy. What planning and […]

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Author Feature: Natasha Deen


In Terminate, Josie’s friend Amanda is missing. But because she’s a runaway with a history of drug use and other risky behavior, no one seems to care. Clem, the owner of the community kitchen in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside where Josie works in exchange for food, advises her to just leave well enough alone. Then a young man whose friend is also missing asks her for help. Josie learns that she, along with the other teens who helped her bring down the cop responsible for the death of her entire family, is becoming known on the […]

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Author Feature: Natasha Deen, Judith Graves and Sigmund Brouwer

Retribution Series-group2

#TuesdayTalk with Retribution series authors Natasha Deen, Judith Graves and Sigmund Brouwer. Burned, Exposed and Unleashed are part of a new YA high-interest trilogy that can be read in any order. What are the challenges of writing for the high school or hi-lo audience? Natasha: I find writing for any age group challenging. No matter the age or genre, authors always need to think about things like story content, vocabulary choices, and who is their story audience. But as challenging as writing can be, I was super excited to be part of the Retribution project. […]

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