Author Feature: Sonya Spreen Bates


Running on Empty: Everyone expected Leon Kline, anchor for the 4×100 sprint relay, to secure Gilburn High’s spot in the record books. But a freak accident on the final stretch changes everything. Suddenly his future is gone. No more running, no scholarship, no college. But then he meets sassy and straight-talking Casey De Vries, and life doesn’t look quite so bleak. She even gets him running again. He can’t sprint anymore, but he can handle longer distances. As he gets to know Casey better, he realizes that something is not quite right. How can he […]

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Author Feature: Nikki Tate

Deadpoint by Nikki Tate

Ayla loves climbing. But she prefers to climb indoors, with all her safety harnesses in place and soft mats to land on. Her climbing partner and best friend, Lissy, is much more adventurous and loves the outdoors. When Lissy starts hanging out with Carlos, the new thrill-seeking guy in town, Ayla wants to keep an eye on her and finds herself tagging along on a weekend climbing trip up Black Dog Mountain. But things go very wrong when Lissy and her dad, the only adult in the group, are badly injured high on the side […]

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Author Feature: Eric Howling

Gang Tackle by Eric Howling

#TuesdayTalk with Eric Howling. His novel, Gang Tackle , is on shelves now. Tell us a bit about your book. Gang Tackle is my sixth sports novel and the third time I’ve used high school football as a backdrop. At its heart, Gang Tackle is the story of how a team rises up to take down their racist and demeaning coach. Let me say right up front that most coaches are nothing like Coach Roland Fort. They’re selfless, hard working, put-the-team-first leaders and mentors. But a mean, bad-mouthing authority figure was what the story needed […]

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Summer Reading List: Books for Reluctant Readers

Find yourself nagging your children to pick up a book? Try our reluctant reader series! Books with high-interest topics to catch the attention of those not so keen to be caught with their nose in a book. Orca Currents and Orca Soundings offer readers contemporary themes: Cristy Watson’s On Cue, is sure to catch the attention of your art-loving child. Randi wants to be an actress and is excited about practicing her craft in drama class. So she is devastated to learn the program has been cut. When her friends put together a successful proposal […]

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Author Feature: Jeff Rud

Centerville by Jeff Rud

#TuesdayTalk with Jeff Rud. His new novel, Centerville, is on shelves now. Tell us about your book. Centerville is the story of a keen, young basketball player, Jake, who attends a prep school far away from home with the hopes of landing a college scholarship. The problem is, he discovers the prep school isn’t as advertised and the coach is operating a shady business. Jake has to make a decision — does he stay and keep quiet in order to further his basketball career or does he do the right thing? What was the catalyst for your […]

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Author Feature: Heather M. O’Connor

Betting Game by Heather O'Connor

#TuesdayTalk with Heather M. O’Connor, author of Betting Game, a new addition to the Orca Sports series. Is there a story behind the creation of your story? Betting Game was inspired by a real-life match-fixing scandal in the Canadian Soccer League, the semi-pro league that the Toronto and Montreal academy teams played in. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Why would organized crime pick a third-division Canadian league? No one really goes to the games. They aren’t broadcast on TV. The scores aren’t even in the sports section. Exactly, said my OPP source. If no […]

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