Author Feature: Deb Loughead


In Payback, Dylan O’Connor is in trouble again. While riding his bike home after dark, he has a run-in with a truck but doesn’t give it a second thought until police show up at his door the next day. CCTV cameras put Dylan at the scene of a crime, and when the police question him, Dylan realizes he was an inadvertent witness. But he doesn’t tell them the driver of the truck was Jeff Walker, a nasty piece of work. Dylan knows it’s in his best interests to keep his mouth shut. Then he starts […]

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Author Feature: Gail-Anderson Dargatz

From Scratch

In From Scratch, Cookie is about to lose her job at the local bakery. She dreams of owning her own bakery but doesn’t think she has the skills or money to do it. Most of all, she doesn’t have the self-confidence. When she takes a course at the local college, she finds she has much more going for her than she imagined. With the help of her community, she figures out how to make sure no one has to go without her famous doily cookies for long!   What planning and research did you do […]

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Author Feature: Natasha Deen

Lark and the Diamond Caper

Rookie detectives Lark and Connor Ba are back on the case! When a pair of diamond earrings goes missing from the neighborhood general store, Lark and Connor just happen to be in the right place at the right time. Carefully mining the adults for clues, the twin sleuths work together to solve the mystery. Lark and the Diamond Caper is the second title in the Lark Ba Detective series, following Lark Holds the Key. What planning and research did you do for you book? Well, of course, the General Store carries all *kinds* of groceries, […]

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Author Feature: Michelle Mulder


#TuesdayTalk with Michelle Mulder. Michelle’s new title in the Orca Footprints series, Trash Talk: Moving Toward a Zero-Waste World launches this month. Michelle, when did you decide to become a writer? I think I was 8, and I held onto that dream until I was a teenager, at which point I decided it was silly because writers never make any money. So I went to university, did two degrees and decided I still wanted to be a writer, but since the idea scared the pants off me, I decided to first do something that scared […]

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Author Feature: Karen Krossing


#TuesdayTalk with Karen Krossing. Karen’s new YA novel, Punch Like a Girl, launches this month. Karen, what do you look for in a good story? I look for a compelling character in an intriguing situation. I want the premise to be unusual or a new twist on an old idea. But, ultimately, it’s the character who will pull me through a book to the end. If I’m fascinated by that person, I won’t be able to put down the book until I’m done. How do you come up with topics for your novels? I get […]

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