Students’ and my take—make that double-take—on the doppelgänger

Author, teacher, school visit

  The following post is written by Melanie Jackson, author of Death Drop.   Everyone has one. That not-quite-double, that other self. A nicer other self, or a more sinister one. Possibly a deadly one. I’ve been exploring the idea of the doppelgänger with three classes of Grade 8 Creative Writing students at Vancouver’s Lord Byng Secondary. It’s part of a mystery unit I’m delighted to be teaching, with the help, advice, brilliant comments and unwavering cup-of-tea support of Byng teacher and English Department head Amy Hughes. We’re studying the doppelgänger as portrayed in a […]

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Woman with a pomegranate: the story behind Rossetti’s portrait


Author Melanie Jackson talks about her new novel, Death Drop: In his famous portrait of Persephone, Dante Gabriel Rossetti shows the young woman of myth having just taken a bite out of a pomegranate. Persephone’s gloomy, brooding expression conveys that she knows quite well she should have left the delicious red fruit alone. After all, she had been warned the fruit had a spell on it. Now there will be—well, Hades to pay. She’ll have to go live with the god of the underworld. But hey, maybe it was a hot day. And bittersweet pomegranates […]

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