Illustrator Feature: Christopher Steininger


Modo, who first made his appearance in The Hunchback Assignments, is a young, disfigured spy trained to be the ultimate secret agent. Not only is Modo brilliant and strong, but he also has a special ability: he can temporarily take on the appearance of other people. While on holiday, Modo and fellow spy Octavia Milkweed find themselves in Ember’s End. Created by the slightly mad scientific genius Dr. Ebenezer Ember, this is no ordinary wild-west town. It is surrounded by an energy field that prevents gunpowder from firing, and messages are sent via pneumatic tubes. […]

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Author Feature: Liam O’Donnell


#TuesdayTalk with Liam O’Donnell. Liam’s most recent graphic novel, Tank & Fizz: The Case of the Slime Stampede, launched this March. Liam, when did you first know you wanted to be a writer? I’ve been writing stories since I was a kid. My first ones were knock-offs of my favourite TV show at the time, Dr. Who. Today we call it fan fiction. It wasn’t until I was studying media at Ryerson University that I got serious about writing. I took a TV writing course and had all these ideas for crazy kids TV shows. […]

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Green goo for St. Patrick’s Day!


In honor of St. Patrick’s Day and the recent release of Tank & Fizz, we had a little slime-making workshop in the Orca lunchroom! Dani, our resident slime expert, brought all the ingredients needed to make the goopiest green goo…                 plus some chocoslug cookies to keep our strength up! (mmmm)               After measuring out the right amount of goo-making ingredients…             our once-soupy greens got gloriously gelatinous!           The goopy glops of […]

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