No, I Will Not Stop Talking About Queer Pride


The following post was written by Robin Stevenson. I was standing in front of about fifty children, enthusiastic and curious fifth graders, talking about my book Pride: Celebrating Diversity and Community. I’d just finished telling them about the Stonewall Riots, showing them photos of the Stonewall Inn, and of the Christopher Street Gay Liberation Day march through the streets of New York City in 1970—the events that paved the way for today’s Pride Parades.  I told the kids that I had wanted to write this book because I am queer, and have celebrated Pride for […]

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An LGBTQ Youth Perspective on School

In honor of Pride Month we invited our occasional warehouse assistant, Leo, to tell us about his experiences at school. Identified as a girl at birth, Leo was fortunate to feel no pressure to conform to gender roles. Leo grew up in a family and community open to all forms of gender expression. As a result, when Leo began to acknowledge his gender identity, he understood what he was experiencing to be perfectly normal. Most trans youth report being the victims of chronic bullying, report feelings of isolation and of being “outcasts.” While Leo does […]

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Author Feature: Robin Stevenson

Pride by Robin Stevenson

#TuesdayTalk with Robin Stevenson. Her new non-fiction book, Pride: Celebrating Diversity and Community, is on shelves now. Tell us about your book. I am so excited for my newest book, Pride: Celebrating Diversity and Community. It will be my twentieth book—but it is my first work of non-fiction, so it is very different from anything I have written before. The book is aimed at kids ages 10-14, and covers the history of Pride, explains some of the diverse identities that make up the LGBTQ community, and looks at some of the ways Pride Day is […]

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