Dog, Notebook and Doodles

Written anything good yet? I’ve been sitting on my bed with my dog and my usual three ring notebook. A notebook? The paper kind? Yup, I know it’s old fashioned, archaic, out of touch and backward. But I always start my writing with a notebook because I haven’t figured out how to doodle on my computer yet. I need to doodle! How can I think without doodling? Sometimes I doodle with a purpose, like when I’m trying to figure out what a three-headed monster costume should look like for a book I’m writing. Okay, this isn’t […]

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Turtle-turtle. Mmmm, Turtles!

Guest post by Anita Daher Other than time to write (because there is never enough of it), something most writers yearn for at one point or another is space; a place to spread our writing stuff, and a door to close against everything else. Once upon a time I had that. While we were living in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, I had an office with a door. A door on which I was able to tape a note saying “A closed door means I’m working,” and another saying, “That means do not disturb unless it is an emergency,” […]

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Celebrating my (and my character’s) Japan experience

Shojo Manga exhibit

Sugoi!* Manga Touch is officially launched! About forty people showed up at Burnaby’s Nikkei Heritage Centre to eat Japanese snacks, listen to me read from the book and talk about my experience of manga and Japan, as well as check out the exhibition of manga art at the centre’s gallery space. Visit my personal blog for a couple more photos and links to some behind-the-scenes stories. *Sugoi is Japanese for “great” or “cool.”  

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