Launching Baygirl

Baygirl Books

A guest post from Heather Smith about planning her first book launch and incorporating Maritime culture into an event held in Ontario   Objects can be launched in many different ways. They can be thrown, flung, shot, hurled, even catapulted, all with varying degrees of force.  But when it came to launching my debut novel, Baygirl, I wanted to set it into motion gently, like one would a boat, nudging it forward till it’s taken by the current and carried away to distant places. A fitting image, as Baygirl is set in my home province […]

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Celebrate the Moon Festival with the sweet taste of Mooncakes!


On Sunday September 22nd, join in the celebration of the Chinese Moon Festival at Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden in Vancouver. There will be activities, games, delicious treats, and a book reading from Orca’s very own Loretta Seto, author of the enchanting picturebook, Mooncakes. And yes, there will even be mooncakes to eat! Here are more details about the upcoming event: Mid-Autumn Moon Festival Public Celebration Day Sunday, September 22 10:00 am – 4:00 pm Suggested Donation of $5 at Entrance. Everyone welcome. On Sunday, September 22, Chinatown’s Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden […]

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Step into the limelight with Orca’s new performing arts series!

Orca Limelights

Orca’s brand new performing arts series, Orca Limelights, launches this October with three exciting new titles: Attitude by Robin Stevenson, Cut the Lights by Karen Krossing, and Totally Unrelated by Tom Ryan. You can visit the Limelights website to watch a series trailer, read more about the upcoming books, and see what’s in store for future seasons. While you’re waiting for these three fabulous books to come out, why not check out these great blog posts from Limelights authors! Robin Stevenson, Karen Krossing and Tom Ryan have each interviewed each other about their upcoming books […]

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Little You published in South Slavey, Bush Cree and Chipewyan

Little You translations

Little you little wonder Little wish gentle thunder Little You is a beautiful new board book from Orca that has already made a big splash! Richard Van Camp, bestselling author of the hugely successful Welcome Song for Baby: A Lullaby for Newborns, has joined forces with award-winning illustrator Julie Flett to create a tender and visually stunning board book that celebrates the potential of every child. Little You, like Welcome Song for Baby, has been selected for the BC Books for Babies program, and will also be given to every newborn in Edmonton by the […]

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Raising a Reader with Comics and Graphic Novels


Raising a reader: how comics and graphic novels can help your kids love to read!   Great article by Cory Doctorow highlighting a new educational resource about comics’ role in literacy. Titled “Raising a Reader” and written by Dr. Meryl Jaffee, this resource is aimed at parents and educators and is available in PDF form for free download.

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In Pursuit of the Perfect Storm: Part 2


In Pursuit of the Perfect Storm (Part 2): Planning and Promoting a Book Launch and Signing Guest Post by Karen Spafford-Fitz In part 1 of “In Pursuit of the Perfect Storm,” Karen Spafford-Fitz described the planning and promotion that contributed to the success of her launches for Vanish. In part 2, Karen reflects on which steps were most effective. In my previous post, I mentioned that several steps seemed highly effective while others did not appear to have a particular impact. But I am glad I undertook all of them. Each represents part of my […]

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