19 Questions with Richard Van Camp

Little You

Richard Van Camp is the author of twelve books, including two board books with Orca: Welcome Song for Baby (2007) and Little You (2013). He recently sat down (online) with Curtis LeBlanc to answer nineteen questions about books, writing and his life as an author. Some highlights: who are Richard’s top three authors? Which bands does he listen to while writing? And what will he be working on next? Read the full 19 Questions interview here.

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Vicki Delany on Adult Literacy and Rapid Reads


Vicki Delany (Canadian crime and mystery writer, and latest author in the Rapid Reads series) has contributed a stellar post about adult literacy and the Rapid Reads series to the Poisoned Pen Press blog. Here’s an excerpt: “Literacy (or lack thereof) is a serious problem in your country and mine. For many reasons there are adults out in the world who can’t read properly. Whether because they had undiagnosed learning disabilities at school, because English isn’t their first language, because they didn’t have teachers and parents who encouraged reading, they reached adulthood lacking what might […]

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Just Start Reading! Guest post by Sarah Leach


Just start reading! Guest post by Sara Leach On October 14, 2011, I held a book launch for my new novel for 9-13 year olds, Count Me In, as part of the 10th annual Whistler Readers and Writers Festival. It was held at the Whistler Public Library. The book features Tabitha, who hikes to Lake Lovely Water with her cousins, Ashley and Cedar. Tabitha is less than thrilled about hiking, and even less excited about spending time  with her cousins who seem to be set on making her life miserable. We had a great turn out, with […]

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Inspired by Japan, a bakery and a lucky cat


Guest Post by Jacqueline Pearce My new chapter book, Mystery of the Missing Luck , is fresh out of the oven (so to speak). It’s about the relationship between a young girl, Sara, and her grandmother, Obaachan, and what happens when Maneki Neko, the lucky cat statue goes missing from the grandmother’s Japanese bakery. Ten years ago, if you’d told me I was going to write three books with a connection to Japan, I would have been surprised. My interest in Japan and Japanese culture came about somewhat by accident. It started when I was a university […]

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