Secrets Revealed: Teresa Toten


My Secret by Teresa Toten Teresa’s novel, Shattered Glass, is part of the forthcoming Secrets series. From the age of 10 to 16 I woke up every single night in the middle of the night, to check and see if my mother was still breathing. There are two threads that pushed this compulsion. The first was when a friend pointed out that if something happened to my mother, I would be an orphan. You see my father died when I was a baby and since Mama and I were immigrants, unlike Anne of Green Gables, […]

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Secrets Revealed: Kelley Armstrong


My Secret by Kelley Armstrong Kelley’s novel, The Unquiet Past, is part of the forthcoming Secrets series. “I’m afraid of chickens.” Okay, I’m not specifically afraid of chickens. I have a fear of all birds—and bats. I blame the fact that I watched The Birds when I was far too young. They used to show old horror movies late at night on TV. It was my first sleepover, and we decided to watch one, which turned out to be The Birds. I’ve had problems with flying mammals ever since. It’s not a phobia—I just prefer […]

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Secrets Revealed: Marthe Jocelyn

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My Secret by Marthe Jocelyn Marthe’s novel, A Big Dose of Lucky, is part of the forthcoming Secrets series. Let’s call her Debbie. I know she had a common white-girl name for a child born in the 1950’s. She was in a grade below mine, which means a lot when you’re nine years old. And she wasn’t white. She had the only brown face out of the several hundred pale ones at Balmy Beach Public School in the east end of Toronto.  When I think about her now–and my awful secret–my stomach turns over, impressed […]

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Author Feature: Sylvia Taekema


#TuesdayTalk with Sylvia Taekema. Sylvia’s new middle reader, Ripple Effect, launches today! Sylvia, you’ve written two books for kids ages 8-11. How do you get into the mind of your target audience? Kids this age are great because they tell it like it is. They tell you what they love about a story and they tell you what they don’t. I love to spend time with children in this age group. They are fun, energetic and enthusiastic and they are always ready for more. My experiences with them in the classroom as a supply teacher […]

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Author Feature: Darren Groth


#TuesdayTalk with Darren Groth. Darren Groth’s YA novel, Are You Seeing Me? launches this month. Darren, what inspired you to write Perry and Justine’s story? Anyone who’s spent any time with me knows I am Dad to a set of twins: one girl, one boy. My daughter is ‘neurotypical’, which is how people in the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) community sometimes refer to regular, everyday kids who do not have autism. She is amazing. She plays trumpet, creates short animated films and adores The Hunger Games. My son, who is three minutes younger than my […]

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Author Feature: Lorna Crozier


#TuesdayTalk with Lorna Crozier Lorna’s new board book, So Many Babies, launches this month. What inspired you to write for babies and very young children? I have six grandchildren, all who live within half an hour of our house. Two are babies. Those are who I keep in mind when I’m writing board books. Is there a story behind the creation of your book?  I wrote So Many Babies after seeing babies everywhere I went–in stores, cafes, libraries, cars, planes, etc. I then began to imagine animal babies rather than human and wrote about where […]

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