Author Feature: Margriet Ruurs

Stepping Stones by Margriet Ruurs and illustrated by Nizar Ali Badr

#TuesdayTalk with Margriet Ruurs. Her new picture book, Stepping Stones: A Refugee Family’s Journey, is on shelves now! How did you discover Nizar Ali Badr’s artwork? I happened to see one of his images on his Facebook page. I loved the image and then realized it was made from rocks. I immediately thought “I have never seen rocks used as art medium in a children’s book.” And because rocks are so universal I thought kids would love to see his art. What about his artwork moved you to write this book? The images he made […]

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Author Feature: Leslie A. Davidson

In the Red Canoe by Leslie A. Davidson and illustrated by Laura Bifano

#TuesdayTalk with Leslie A. Davidson. Her picture book, In the Red Canoe, is on shelves now! Tell us your name, your book’s title and a bit about your book. In the Red Canoe follows fish and herons, turtles and dragonflies, beaver lodges and lily pads as the child-narrator and her loving grandpa travel through nature. Baby ducklings ride their mama’s back; an osprey rises with a silver fish clutched in her talons; a loon cries in a star-flecked night. Rhythmic, rhyming quatrains carry the story forward in clean paddle strokes of evocative imagery. What was the […]

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Author Feature: Shane Peacock

Separated by Shane Peacock

#TuesdayTalk with Shane Peacock, author of Separated, one of The Seven Prequels. Tell us a bit about your book. Separated is my Seven Prequels novel, a middle grade novel that precedes Last Message in Seven (the Series) and Double You in The Seven Sequels. In the prequels, grandfather McLean is still alive, and he takes Adam with him on a trip to Sweden. Then, Adam gets lost in the streets of Stockholm and things get a little frightening and rather strange. What was the catalyst for your story? Orca and the authors of Seven (the […]

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Author Feature: Richard Scrimger

Weerdest Day Ever! by Richard Scrimger

#TuesdayTalk with Richard Scrimger, author of Weerdest Day Ever!, one of The Seven Prequels. What was the catalyst for your story? A while back, Ted Staunton and I both got interested in re-enactors, and sat down with a big bottle of, uh, milk, to figure out a storyline focused on re-enactment for both brothers. What are the challenges of writing for or within a series? One of the biggest challenges is not to contradict stuff you have already said. This also ties into knowing your character’s limitations and showing his growth and development within the […]

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