Illustrator Feature: Kristi Bridgeman

A Parade of Puppies by Charles Ghigna and illustrated by Kristi Bridgeman

#TuesdayTalk with Kristi Bridgeman. Her illustrations can be see in A Parade of Puppies—on shelves now! What was the catalyst / inspiration for your illustrations? Our family has had great experiences adopting rescue dogs, the family Schnauzer is snoring beside me right now, and I appreciated how A Parade of Puppies (and A Carnival of Cats, the previous book) allow us to explore many breeds, but culminate in the child choosing a rescue animal. The rescue dog topic was handled in such a nice, thoughtful way. Oh and the puppy greeting committee at Orca always […]

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9 Ways to Reduce Garbage in the Classroom

Trash Talk by Michelle Mulder

In our last teacher feature, we discussed the benefits of non-academic goals, and we suggested a zero-waste classroom as an option. For this month’s #GreenTeacher article, we have ideas for creating a zero-waste classroom, just in time for the new school year. Talking about garbage is one of the best ways to start a conversation about the environment. For one thing, garbage is ugly and unsightly; it’s easy to make an argument that reducing garbage is a good way to go. And garbage contributes to the larger environmental issues we face. Did you know that […]

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Summer Reading List: Nonfiction

Looking for some educational reads for your kids over summer? Catch our great nonfiction titles! Pride Pride: Celebrating Diversity Robin Stevenson For LGBTQ people and their supporters, Pride events are an opportunity to honor the past, protest injustice, and celebrate a diverse and vibrant community. The high point of Pride, the Pride Parade, is spectacular and colorful. But there is a whole lot more to Pride than rainbow flags and amazing outfits. How did Pride come to be? And what does Pride mean to the people who celebrate it?       Orca Origins Passover: […]

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Summer Reading List: Books for Reluctant Readers

Find yourself nagging your children to pick up a book? Try our reluctant reader series! Books with high-interest topics to catch the attention of those not so keen to be caught with their nose in a book. Orca Currents and Orca Soundings offer readers contemporary themes: Cristy Watson’s On Cue, is sure to catch the attention of your art-loving child. Randi wants to be an actress and is excited about practicing her craft in drama class. So she is devastated to learn the program has been cut. When her friends put together a successful proposal […]

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Setting Goals in the Classroom

With the Olympics underway, success and achievement are big topics. The achievements of these athletes are inspiring to watch, particularly to young people with aspirations of their own. Some of your students may have their sights set on the Olympic podium, others may have plans for careers in the arts, law, medicine or social change. Olympic athletes have a skill that all of your students need, regardless of their personal aspirations: goal setting. Olympians know how to set the bar high enough to increase their motivation and achievement without setting themselves up for failure. Listen […]

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Summer Reading List: Rapid Reads

The Goddaughter Caper by Melodie Campbell

Summer means long days in the sun and time spent down by the ocean or the lake to cool off. Our Rapid Reads are perfect picks for Mom or Dad while the kids build sandcastles or are tucked into bed, and finally finally asleep. When Blood Lies, A Nicole Charles Mystery Linda L. Richards Vancouver Post gossip columnist Nicole Charles is only slightly put out when she discovers she’s been downsized. She figures she’s lucky to still have a job. It just means she needs to get a desk so she can work out of […]

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