Author Feature: Jeff Rud

Centerville by Jeff Rud

#TuesdayTalk with Jeff Rud. His new novel, Centerville, is on shelves now. Tell us about your book. Centerville is the story of a keen, young basketball player, Jake, who attends a prep school far away from home with the hopes of landing a college scholarship. The problem is, he discovers the prep school isn’t as advertised and the coach is operating a shady business. Jake has to make a decision — does he stay and keep quiet in order to further his basketball career or does he do the right thing? What was the catalyst for your […]

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Earth Day: Growing Great Citizens


In honor of Earth Day, we have compiled a list of books with environmental themes that encourage growing great citizens.   Justine McKeen: Bottle Throttle by Sigmund Brouwer and illustrated by Dave Whamond Justine’s worried about what plastic is doing to the environment and to her classmates, so she sets out to ban bottled water school-wide. But the new principal, Dr. Proctor, is a bit skeptical. Justine will have to convince him and her classmates if Project Bottle Throttle is going to succeed. Justine McKeen: Bottle Throttle is the seventh book in the popular Justine […]

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Author Feature: Laurie Elmquist


#TuesdayTalk with Laurie Elmquist. Her new board book, Beach Baby, is on shelves now. Tell us about your book. Beach Baby is a story for babies. It’s a promise to the next generation and the next and the next, that the things we love now at the beach, the pelicans and the dolphins, will be there for them in years to come. What was the catalyst for your story? I had just come back from a visit to Maine Island, BC and my head was filled with all the beautiful images I’d seen. It was spring and […]

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Author Feature: Kathleen Cherry


#TuesdayTalk with Kathleen Cherry. Her new middle grade novel, Everyday Hero, is on shelves now. What was the catalyst for writing Everyday Hero? I have always had a fascination with everyday types of heroism which we encounter but perhaps don’t recognize. As a school counselor, I see many examples of this; the child who perseveres despite learning disabilities, the individual who comes to school each and every day, even though his or her home-life is chaotic. These thoughts led me to consider individuals with both mental and physical challenges and how everyday activities can prove […]

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Author Feature: Lisa J. Lawrence


#TuesdayTalk with Lisa J. Lawrence. Her new YA novel, Rodent, is on shelves now. Tell us a bit about your book. Rodent is my first novel. It’s about a sixteen-year-old girl who is stuck caring for her younger siblings—from laundry and meal prep to doing the school run—because of her mother’s alcoholism. While she’s trying to keep everyone alive and together at home, she starts grade eleven at a new school. That’s a roller coaster ride of new relationships, disasters, and triumphs. What was the catalyst for your story? One night, a few years ago, […]

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