Author Feature: Kari Jones

Shimmy by Kari Jones

Kari Jones is the author of Shimmy, a new addition to the Orca Limelights series for kids who are passionate about the performing arts. Kari, are there any perks or challenges of writing for your target audience? There’s a particular joy in writing for young readers because young readers may be experiencing what you are writing about for the first time through your book. It might be, for example, the first time they’ve hear about or thought of belly dancing, or kayaking, or living in a different country. I spend a lot of time with […]

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Author Feature: Lisa Bowes

Lucy Tries Luge by Lisa Bowes and illustrated by James Hearne

#TuesdayTalk with Lisa Bowes, author of Lucy Tries Luge, the first book in the Lucy Tries Sports series. Lisa, what are some of the benefits of writing for young children? It enables me to engage with young readers at book signings and school visits! They are so much fun and they always give me great insight about what they like about Lucy and what she should try next. Was there a research component to the Lucy Tries Sports series? Definitely! I have covered sports for many years as a broadcaster but for a picture book […]

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Author Feature: Michelle Wan, Vicki Delany, Ronald Tierney and Gail Anderson-Dargatz

Haitian Graves by Vicki Delany

In this special Thriller Thursday feature, Rapid Reads authors Michelle Wan, Vicki Delany, Ron Tierney and Gail Anderson-Dargatz talk about their new fast-paced mysteries, some of the important themes in their novels, and the oh-so-glamorous life of a writer. Michelle Wan: What are your techniques for getting into the mind of your target audience? I do a lot of people watching, focusing especially on my people who are like my protagonist(s). I watch their body language, their mannerisms, listen to their speech. I engage them in conversation and ask them about themselves and the things […]

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Author Feature: Merrie-Ellen Wilcox


#TuesdayTalk with Merrie-Ellen Wilcox, author of the newest addition to the Orca Footprints series, What’s the Buzz? Keeping Bees in Flight. What are the challenges of writing for middle schoolers? Fortunately, although my own kids are now well past this age group (middle years), I still know several people in this age group, including my two nieces and their friends and several of my neighbours. It’s helpful to imagine explaining things to them and to anticipate their questions. Tell us about the research component for Whats the Buzz? I had to do a lot of […]

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