Author Feature: Dr. Jillian Roberts


#TuesdayTalk with Dr. Jillian Roberts. Dr. Jillian’s first title in the Just Enough series, Where Do Babies Come From? Our First Talk About Birth, launched on October 13, 2015. What prompted you to write the Just Enough series? I was worried about how the internet was providing children with easy access to inappropriate material. Children need to have strong connections with their parents in order to navigate the challenges of the internet age. The books in the Just Enough series are meant to help parents develop this bond and talk about difficult subjects. What do […]

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Author Feature: Trudee Romanek


#TuesdayTalk with Trudee Romanek. Trudee’s first book with Orca, Raising the Stakes, is part of the Orca Limelights series and launched on October 13, 2015. What are the challenges or perks of writing for a middle school audience? In books for young adults, we’re really trying to tackle some soul-searching questions—what’s the difference between right and wrong in a given situation, for example. The hope is that we can help kids examine their own thoughts on various issues as they struggle with some of these grey areas growing up. That means as writers we revisit these […]

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Author Feature: Charles Ghigna


Charles’ first board book with Orca, A Carnival of Cats, launched on September 1st, 2015. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background as an author? First off, I am thrilled to be writing books for Orca! I’ve written more than 100 books and many of them are populated with cats and dogs. I was so happy to create this new carnival of cats for Orca this year! And what a treat to follow-up on this crazy carnival of guessing fun with another new book next year, a book filled with a […]

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