Author Feature: Monique Polak


#TuesdayTalk with Monique Polak. Monique’s new novel, Learning the Ropes, launches this May and is part of the Orca Limelights series for kids who love the performing arts. Monique, you’ve published over a dozen books with Orca. Where do you get your story ideas from? I get my story ideas from the many young people in my life. I have been teaching at Marianopolis College here in Montreal for over thirty years, so I am surrounded by young people. I also believe in eavesdropping–so I get some of my ideas from listening in on kids’ […]

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Author Feature: Alison Hughes


#TuesdayTalk with Alison Hughes. Alison’s new middle reader, Lost in the Backyard, launches this April. Alison, what do you look for in a good book? I love a good mystery, but I have to say that it’s wonderful, realistic characters that float my boat. When did you first know you wanted to become a writer? I went to university for a long time, studying English literature and law, so I did a ton of writing then. Then I did some freelance writing for magazines. But the fun, creative writing started when my three kids were […]

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Green goo for St. Patrick’s Day!


In honor of St. Patrick’s Day and the recent release of Tank & Fizz, we had a little slime-making workshop in the Orca lunchroom! Dani, our resident slime expert, brought all the ingredients needed to make the goopiest green goo…                 plus some chocoslug cookies to keep our strength up! (mmmm)               After measuring out the right amount of goo-making ingredients…             our once-soupy greens got gloriously gelatinous!           The goopy glops of […]

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Author Feature: Sara Cassidy


#TuesdayTalk with Sara Cassidy. Sara’s new book, Not For Sale, launches this May and is part of the Orca Echoes series of early chapterbooks for emerging readers. Sara, how did you first know you wanted to become a writer? Keeping a diary since I was eight years old has a lot to do with my becoming a writer. I realized that I didn’t just have to write “what I ate today” or “what I did today”, but could draw in my diary, or describe what a stranger looked like, or what the kettle sounds like, […]

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Author Feature: Reed Farrel Coleman


#TuesdayTalk with Reed Farrel Coleman. Reed’s new novel, The Boardwalk, launched this February and is part of the Rapid Reads series of mystery novels featuring P.I. Gulliver Dowd. Reed, do you have a writing ritual? How do you get motivated to write? Coffee, paper, emails, write. Basketball, shower, lunch, write. Rest, dinner, write. Motivation? Getting paid. Have you had an strange job in a past life? I drove a home heating oil delivery truck for many years. Carrying a gun doesn’t make you tough. Delivering oil in sub zero temperatures and snow and rain. That’s tough. […]

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