19 Questions with Richard Van Camp

Little You

Richard Van Camp is the author of twelve books, including two board books with Orca: Welcome Song for Baby (2007) and Little You (2013). He recently sat down (online) with Curtis LeBlanc to answer nineteen questions about books, writing and his life as an author. Some highlights: who are Richard’s top three authors? Which bands does he listen to while writing? And what will he be working on next? Read the full 19 Questions interview here.

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YOUR NAME in print!


See your name in print—and on a dedication page, no less! William Kowalski, author of three titles in Orca’s Rapid Reads series is running a fantastic new contest through his website. The winner will have Kowalski’s fourth Rapid Read title, Just Gone, dedicated to them. Contest Details (from William Kowalski’s website): Have you ever wanted to have a book dedicated to you? Not just signed by the author, but actually dedicated to you, with your name in print for all eternity? Well, your time has come. Your ship has come in. Your Eagle has landed. […]

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